Founded by Sandip Lama, Tattoo House Nepal is lucky to have some of the best tattoo artists in town. Our artists specialize in every tattoo-design: there are hundreds of option you can choose from us, and it is even better if you have a custom design of yourself.

With a sudden increase in interest in tattoos in Nepal, tattoo artists are also getting more attention and exposure. We are glad to be a part of this small community paving our way to excel with some skilled artist by our side.
Our small group of artists, working alongside one another, teaching whatever could be taught between ourselves and critiquing each other’s work has taken Tattoo House Nepal to the road of survival and success.


Stacy Gabrielle


Don't be afraid of Stacy! She's not a real witch. She earned that nickname just because this girl loves...

Dave Johns


As a real bro from Detroit, Michigan, Dave "Crazy Ink" Jones lived a real thug life in his hometown, well until he began to convert his struggles into a poetic self-expression that the tattoo art

Kary Byron


Kary is a man, who's life path and living conditions made his character just as harsh, tough and resilient as his ink art is now. After serving in the NAVY for 11 years (3 tours in