for first-timers

Anyone, who is gonna make his or her first tattoo with us or get the 1st piercing at our salon will get a cool 10% discount!

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You can easily book us 24/7!

Regardless of the time, when you want to make your perfect tattoo or a piercing, we’ll be opened for you!

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Great Tattoos

Come in all shapes and colors!

Working on a 24/7 bais, our tattoo salon is always ready to help you brighten up your life with more colors or metal!

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Established in 2013 A.D, Tattoo House Nepal is a Kathmandu based tattoo shop, providing the expertise in tattoos and piercing of every kind. Coming from an art background, Sandip Lama always had a deep passion for tattoo and decided to pursue his passion as a career. Without sparing any time, Sandip dedicated his time and effort founding Tattoo House Nepal, and here we are now – one of the best tattoo houses in the town. Tattoo House Nepal is a diverse tattoo parlor comprising skilled artists who are experts of tattoos, from modern to traditional design layouts and tattooing techniques. Blessed with such a talented and passionate, Tattoo House Nepal keeps on creating new designs, evolving their style and constantly pushing ourselves to make a masterpiece. It is our ultimate hard work and passion that grew and strengthened us to be one of the best. Read More

Interview Customers

What people say about tattoo.

Happy Customers

What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Tattoized.

I wanted a tattoo so bad, but the prices didn’t cut it for me.. Thanks to these guys discount for first-timers I finally did it! Eddie Sponed

Making a tattoo is always a complicated thing… It all depends on how artful the master is. That’s why this salon works for me! John Mornon

Is a place where you can get a igh-quality tattoo, and even order a custom design based on your wishes and expectations. Eeva adams


Old Baneshwor Police Post, Kathmandu, Nepal

01-4488370, +977-9849443624


749 New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226 Phone/Fax: 555-354-6789 Email: tattooized@demolink.org