About us

About Us

Established in 2013 A.D, Tattoo House Nepal is a Kathmandu based tattoo shop, providing the expertise in tattoos and piercing of every kind. Coming from an art background, Sandip Lama always had a deep passion for tattoo and decided to pursue his passion as a career. Without sparing any time, Sandip dedicated his time and effort founding Tattoo House Nepal, and here we are now – one of the best tattoo houses in the town.

Tattoo House Nepal is a diverse tattoo parlor comprising skilled artists who are experts of tattoos, from modern to traditional design layouts and tattooing techniques. Blessed with such a talented and passionate, Tattoo House Nepal keeps on creating new designs, evolving their style and constantly pushing ourselves to make a masterpiece. It is our ultimate hard work and passion that grew and strengthened us to be one of the best.

The beginning was a hard road, but Sandip couldn’t care any less to the journey. Driven by for true love for the tattoos, Sandip Lama started walking in the path of struggle. It is almost unbelievable looking at the past, how we came from no client base to a be a stronger competitor with established studios and excellent artists.

Tattoo House Nepal is glad to be at your service providing everything there is relating to tattoos: tattooing, re-designing, covering-up, erasing – you name it. You can choose any design from our vast archive or else you can bring a custom design, whichever it is our artist will give you not just a tattoo, a memory that walks with you.

About Tattoo

Tattoos are one way that depicts a person’s love for art and we, Tattoo House Nepal are glad to be a part of this field. Since our establishment, we have been serving our customers with the best design and services. We understand once you get inked there is a hard way going back, so we have the best artists in hand using best items in a sanitary condition.

Tattoo House Nepal aims to provide the best piece of art to our customers in a friendly and professional environment. We believe in creating genuine and unique tattoos that satisfy our client as we know this small hour spent will remain for a lifetime with you. You can come to us for free consultation service and we can work out on the best design for you.


Why We’re the Best?


All of our tattoo and piercing masters here are masters indeed… Their artistic precision and perception are nothing short of perfect!

Custom solutions

Whether you’ll show us some image that you want to replicate on your skin or ask us to draw one and confirm with you, we’ll be glad to do either of those 2 for you!

Easy Access

We understand it all very well, that the idea of getting a tattoo might easily hit you at 2am after a rock concert or few drinks… No problem, as we’re opened for bookings 24/7!




Custom Design Tattoo


Referred by Friend

“Getting a tattoo is just as natural as getting a new hairdo!” lama Sandip